Nuova Zootecnia

Progetto n. 1999/IT. 16.1.PO.011/3.03/7.2.4/463

POR  SICILIA    Asse III    Misura 3.03




The History


The C.F.R. was constituted on may 12th, 1986 and is an association without ends of profit for the realization of cultural activities. On June 26th, 1995, with notarial act, the social statute is modified, in order to make the social purposes of the association most consonant with the interests and with the professionalisms of the partners, that they were working in the world of the ordinary Professional Formation promoted and financed by the Sicilian Area and that, in such a way, they were intending to move the acquired expertise in the realization of advanced formative projects financed from the European Union.

Therefore the C.F.R. boasts a remarkable previous activity whether in the realization of conventions and debates on cheap and social themes, or in the sector of the Professional Formation.

Today the C.F.R. is a corporation credited near the Sicilian Area for the realization of formative activities.


The Chairman


At present the C.F.R. is chaired by Dr. Maurizio Scaglione.

Graduated in political sciences, Dr. Scaglione is an author of very numerous publications, has chaired various study conventions, he directs a historical studies' magazine and he works in the sector of the professional formation for 22 years.

Dr. Scaglione has collaborated and he collaborates with various Formation Corporations: ENIPLA, ENAP, ANFE.

He has has developed duties of Educator, Coordinator, Planner, school and professional Orientater,.

As president of the C.F.R. dr. Scaglione has been promoter of the initiatives of the corporation being responsible for the phase of the maxim design and executive and of the operating and administrative direction of the projects.




Activity the C.F.R. he plans and realizes:






The Courses Of Professional Formation are ways aiming at the transfer of expertise and knowledge to groups-class formed by 15 or 20 pupils that can, in such way, acquire qualifications professional recognized at European level.

The phases for the activation and realization of the course are: Design; Executive design;  Start competent activity at the public offices; Staff's selection; Staff's formation; Educators' selection; Announcement and public warnings for the promotion and publication of the Course and for the selection of the enrolments of the aspirants; Selection of the Corsisti (who attends a course);  Start hall activity; Management of the teachers and activities of tutoring and bureaucratic; Final examination; Recognition of the professional qualifications, Administration relationships; Accountant-holding company management;


Statement of accounts.

The Supplemented Ways are complex projects either because they are promoted by several (ATS) subjects or because they foresee several actions, besides the formative one. The Supplemented Projects can foresee the following actions: Formation, Promotion and Publication, Cheap and social researches, School and professional orientation, Work experience, Support activity to the enterprise creation, Bureaucratic-managerial administrative clerk support.

Every action foresees the realization of a correlated set of aiming activities, not only transmit expertise and knowledge from the educators to the Corsisti, but also promote a determinate cheap sector-social, to support the professional insertion of the Corsisti, to support the phases with actions of support, of reinforcement and multiplication of the results.

In the course of the last years, the C.F.R. has promoted and realized the following professional formation courses:

-Flat Formative Regional FSE, year 1999,  Plan n. 974549/ AG/3/1/3/002/5 for "Expert in the stock farm of the ostrich"

-Flat formative regional FSE, year 1999,  Plan n. 974242/ CL/3/1/3/002/5 for "Expert in the stock farm of the ostrich"

-Softly formative of the regional province of Palermo -- year 2001, Course for "coachbuilder and sheet-metal worker".


Actual Attivity


At present the C.F.R. is realizing one of the first Supplemented Projects financed by the FSE and admitted to funding by the Sicilian Area. The project, called "New Zootecnia" has been started on October 25th, 2003 and will conclude himself on February 24th, 2005.

The plan foresees the realization of the following actions:

-Promotion and Publication;

-Market analysis;

-Professional orientation;


-Work Experience;

-Accompanying to the enterprise creation;

-Support (bureaucratic--managerial administrative clerk)      

-The plan aim to the creation of professional figures specialized in the sector of the stock farm, distribution, marketing of the meats alternative, biological and not "industrialists", that, thanks to their qualities and stock farm typologies "biological", allow to the subjects which take part in the Filiera wide more demanding gain margins to meet the a consumer's requirements.  

To side of the action more properly formative (made of a 500 hour of theorist-practices lessons, didactic visits and stage in northern Italy companies way) have been foreseen further actions:

 -PROMOTION AND PUBLICATION: We are realizing a series of activities aiming to the development and the support of the cheap reference sector: Promotion conventions, Internet Site, Publications, Promotion activities near the distribution, with the consumers, with specialists (dieticians, doctors, ecc.) interested for various reasons in the alternative meats; 

-PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATION: The Corsisti are been present by a pool of specialists of the orientation in order to make realistic and realizeable professional insertion projects ripen;

-MARKET RESEARCH: We are publishing an in-depth analysis of the meat alternative market in Sicily in order to identify the critical points of the system, in order remove them and pick up useful indications to the new entrepreneurial class creation in the sector;

-WORK EXPERIENCE: The best ones among the formed Corsisti will be actually started at leader companies of the sector in Italy, for a three month period, to expenses of the corporation, in order to acquire expertise and practical capacities cheap of the sector forward and specialize;

-ACCOMPANYING TO THE ENTERPRISE CREATION: Those who among the Corsisti which intend to create enterprise in the sector, they will be supported by experts in enterprise creation and in accounting management in the phase of start of the enterprises.

-SUPPORT: It consists in the activities of management administrative, accounting, general secretary, executive design, evaluation and monitoring realized to support of the correct grant of the project.